“Output is not measured by the number of
working hours but, rather, by the percentage
of time spent on high-impact activities”
– Adrian Mandrup

The leaders in a company are among the most crucial resources for achieving the company’s goals.

However, individual leaders often find themselves entangled in various activities, tasks, and responsibilities. As a result, the leader’s time and focus get distributed thinly throughout the week, spanning a wide range of activities with varying degrees of importance and impact.

There’s a significant, untapped potential in enhancing the leader’s focus on high-impact activities, translating it into tangible value for both the leader and the company.

Through continuous analysis of the leader’s weekly data and the identification of tasks that yield maximum value, the program’s 1:1 process ensures concrete results and behavioral changes in terms of focus and prioritization.



The Balancing Act – Challenges Faced by Leaders

Leaders often find themselves balancing a multitude of tasks and navigating through numerous challenges. In leadership roles, this often extends to responsibility for employees, underscoring the breadth of the leader’s focus.

The week is full of meetings, and when leaders find themselves outside the meeting room, they are confronted with a multitude of tasks demanding their attention. This can occasionally lead to the postponement of important, yet non-urgent tasks requiring the leader’s personal touch, thought, and creativity. Often, these tasks are deferred until the late afternoon, evening, or even the weekend, and frequently just before their respective deadlines. This suboptimal practice can have a negative impact on the quality of work.

The dilemma is that important tasks, requiring thought and creativity, often hold immense significance for both the leader’s responsibilities and the company.


Unlocking Leadership Value: Program

This program emphasizes improving focus and prioritization, enabling leaders to adjust their behavior to identify, prioritize, and execute the most important activities and tasks.

The program is tailored to each leader’s daily responsibilities. Through one-on-one sessions, leaders gain insights into their own weekly data, receive practical tools, identify crucial activities and tasks, engage in weekly planning, and benefit from ongoing follow-up to ensure successful implementation.



No Homework or Prerequisites Required

The program is designed to fit into a busy calendar. Leaders need to attend a scheduled weekly 1:1 session (in person or online) and be willing to share information. There is no “homework,” and no special abilities or prerequisites are required.

The leader’s focus and time are directed towards executing the identified activities and tasks that lead to goal achievement, which are under the leader’s direct control.


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