With over 20 years of successful experience, including an extensive tenure in commercial and strategic leadership roles (Vice President and Sales/Commercial Director), I have firsthand experience with the constant time constraints that leaders encounter while striving to accomplish a wide range of tasks and back-to-back meetings.

A few years ago, I decided to analyze how I actually prioritized my time. The result was clear. Everyday routines, regular busyness, urgencies, and more or less important meetings took up far too much space. Moreover, many of the most crucial tasks, demanding thought and creativity, were relegated to late afternoons, evenings or weekends. After reaching this clear realization, I reassessed my priorities and placed a stronger emphasis on activities that could truly make a difference. Furthermore, it was imperative to allocate time for these activities during the workday.

This change in priorities was also a change in behavior, and this exercise took time. However, the results of the exercise were obvious. I didn’t add more work hours but the changes in behavior, focus, and priorities had an enormously positive effect. I rolled out the concept to my team, and over the next 3 years, we achieved unique results.

In the Activity Management Program, I’ve drawn from my experiences and further developed the ideas. Based on this foundation, I’ve developed a program that, through 1:1 sparring, extensive data analysis, and customised scheduling, helps leaders change their behavior, gain insight, and simultaneously identify, prioritize, and execute the activities and tasks that lead to goal achievement.



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